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Junior the Orca

JUSTICE FOR JUNIOR: A Memorial Page For Junior the Orca Whale


Welcome to Justice for Junior

Junior the Orca
November, 1984 (caught) - June, 1994

This is a memorial webpage dedicated to Junior the Orca who died at Marineland, Niagra Falls after being confined for nearly five years in the aquarium's "Warehouse Pool." 2010 will mark the 16th anniversary of Junior's death. Although a great deal of time has passed, it is difficult to measure the suffering Junior endured for nearly five long years - the remainder of his short life.

Yet, since Junior's death, little has changed at Marineland...and certainly not the small size of the tank the orcas are kept in. Marineland's 'Warehouse Pool' remains 'officially' undisclosed to the public to this day. Orcas and other dolphins could be trapped in the Warehouse Pool the same way Junior was, perpetuating a cycle of abuse, death, misery, and loneliness for captive cetacea.

The purpose of this website is to celebrate Junior's brief life - before he was captured and moved to Marineland. If you would like to leave a 'tribute' to Junior, please feel free to sign the Book of Condolences.

It is my hope - and perhaps Junior's as well - that the abuse toward cetacea at Marineland will someday end once and for all. Junior is a symbol of humanity's negligence and cruelty toward captive dolphins, perhaps since (in my opinion) he was one of the most abused of all. Junior's confinement in the Warehouse Pool proves that Marineland's images of orcas playfully enjoying captive life bear no resemblance to reality.

Despite Junior's untimely passing, he is remembered and missed.

In death, Junior at last found peace he was denied in life.


Welcome to my newly opened website! I am currently looking for someone who has some skills in photoshop to create either a banner for this memorial page and/or a thumbnail image of Junior that can be distributed to affiliated websites. If you are interested and would like to donate your work, please contact me. You will be given full credit as the artist.

Below: Lolita the orca, Junior (bottom right corner)