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Junior the Orca

JUSTICE FOR JUNIOR: A Memorial Page For Junior the Orca Whale


Pictures of Junior

I searched around the internet until I could find these pictures of Junior. If you know or have other images of Junior feel free to contact me and I will post them here (with credit given for providing them). These pictures confirm his tortured life in Marineland's warehouse pool. I have also posted images of protestors who called for Marineland to confirm the existence of this storage facility.

Most of the photos are clips taken from a video of Junior, which was secretly taken by Friends of Dolphins in 1994. The video of Junior can be seen on YouTube or the documentary "A Fall From Freedom" I have both of these sources available in the Links section.

None of these photos show Junior with any kind of stimulation to pass the time: no toys, other orcas (although dolphins were kept with him temporarily before being moved to the show pool), sunlight, or fresh air. The lighting in this facility is dim at best. The only 'entertainment' Junior may have received was probably when Marineland staff members came to feed him - other than that, he was left alone to swim around in circles for the rest of his life.

Junior's tank is no larger than a swimming pool (approximately 24 feet in diameter). The lack of space made it impossible for Junior to dive very deep underwater or swim in a straight line.

In picture #5, a metal fence was in the middle of the pool to restrict the small space Junior had to occupy even further.



Junior's death has created outcries from activist groups. Why will Marineland not confirm Junior's exitence or their warehouse facility? Marineland's decision to keep their warehouse a secret indicates that the aquarium fears it might create a public relations disaster. It is impossible to understand why Marineland kept Junior in the warehouse for such a long period of time, other than human negligence and a blatant disregard for his well-being.

I hope Junior would be glad to see that people want to expose Marineland's cruelty toward its captive cetacea. To the activists in the photos: I thank you on Junior's behalf. Creating awareness about Junior and Marineland's secrets is important in order to change how people view captive dolphins. Perhaps, someday, enough public outcry will lead to Marineland closing its doors for good.

Please, Canada: help stop this cruel injustice to whales. Orcas were included in the 2010 opening for the Winter Olympics. It is extremely hypocritical for a symbol of Canada's west coast - orcas - to be treated with such indignity by Marineland.

Orcas in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada: